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First published in January 1909 by the Central Bible Truth Depot, "Scripture Truth" is a magazine full of sound Bible teaching, now published quarterly by Scripture Truth Publications, the trading name of The Central Bible Hammond Trust. The present editor is Dr Theo Balderston. The annual subscription for 2019 is £12.60 (post free) in the United Kingdom and £17.00 (post free) in the rest of the world.

Print subscriptions for the current year can be purchased online on the magazines page at Scripture Truth Publications.

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The Scripture Truth magazine archive site contains Volumes 1 to 50 (1909-1991) of the magazine. Each volume is contained in a single PDF file. These files range in size from 10Mb to 30Mb.

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Recent publications based on articles previously published in Scripture Truth

On 1st August 2017 we published a revised edition of “The Holy Spirit of God and The Great Adversary” by Algernon J Pollock, edited by John Rice. Part 1, on the Holy Spirit, is an elaboration of a series of articles which first appeared in 1929 in Scripture Truth. A Kindle edition is also available.

In keeping with a long tradition of publishing complete series of articles in book form, in August  2014 we re-published "Remembering my Creator since my youth" by David Anderson, first published as a series entitled "Creation" in Scripture Truth magazine between July 2009 and March 2014. The Kindle ebook edition will be published on 20 October 2014, but may be pre-ordered now.

In March 2014 we re-published "Concerning Himself" by J T Mawson, first published as a series entitled "Things Most Surely Believed" in Scripture Truth magazine, Volumes 26-27 (1934-35), and published, with an additional article from Volume 28 (1936), in book form in 1936 by the Central Bible Truth Depot. For the first time, the Kindle edition was available in advance of the print edition.

 In December 2013 we re-published "Thou Remainest" by J Wilson Smith, a compilation of articles on the excellency and sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ first published in Scripture Truth between 1909 and 1919, and published in book form in 1920 by the Central Bible Truth Depot. It is also available in a Kindle edition.

In August 2013 we published "Isaiah" (available as an Amazon Kindle e-book) by F B Hole, from the series of articles entitled "Bible Study — Isaiah" published between 1956 and 1958. In tandem with the print edition, we have also published a Kindle edition.

In February 2011 we re-published "Waiting for the Coming" (available as a Google Play e-book) by J T Mawson, the founding editor of Scripture Truth magazine, first published in 1936, which is primarily a revision and reprint of a series entitled "The Coming Again of the Lord Jesus" in Scripture Truth magazine, Volume 25, 1933 and the article "He that shall come, will come" in Volume 26, 1934, together with some additional material.

During 2008 we re-printed in paperback "Short Papers on the Church" (available as a Google Play e-book) by Hamilton Smith, first published in book form in 1925, based on a series of articles which appeared in "Scripture Truth" in 1922. Also, the series of articles by Ted Murray entitled "A Look at Nehemiah for Today", which appeared between 2004 and 2008, have been reprinted in paperback as "Lessons from Nehemiah" (available as a Google Play e-book), complementing the reprint of his earlier series "Lessons from Ezra" (available as a Google Play e-book).

Readers of Scripture Truth may also be interested in the hardback or paperback edition of "The Gospel In Job" (available as a Google Play e-book) by Yannick Ford, which was serialised in Scripture Truth between 2004 and 2006.

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2018: Volume 59 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2018 April to June 2018 July to September 2018 October to December 2018
January-March 2018 April-June 2018 July-September 2018 October-December 2018

2017: Volume 59 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2017 April to June 2017 July to September 2017 October to December 2017
January-March 2017 April-June 2017 July-September 2017 October-December 2017

2016: Volume 59 Nos. 1 - 4

January to March 2016 April to June 2016 July to September 2016 October to December 2016
January-March 2016 April-June 2016 July-September 2016 October-December 2016

2015: Volume 58 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2015 April to June 2015 July to September 2015 October to December 2015
January-March 2015 April-June 2015 July-September 2015 October-December 2015

2014: Volume 58 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2014 April to June 2014 July to September 2014 October to December 2014
January-March 2014 April-June 2014 July-September 2014 October-December 2014

2013: Volume 58 Nos. 1 - 4

January to March 2013 April to June 2013 July to September 2013 October to December 2013
January-March 2013 April-June 2013 July-September 2013 October-December 2013

2012: Volume 57 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2012 April to June 2012 July to September 2012 October to December 2012
January-March 2012 April-June 2012 July-September 2012 October-December 2012

2011: Volume 57 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2011 April to June 2011 July to September 2011 October to December 2011
January-March 2011 April-June 2011 July-September 2011 October-December 2011

2010: Volume 57 Nos. 1 - 4

January to March 2010 April to June 2010 July to September 2010 October to December 2010
January-March 2010 April-June 2010 July-September 2010 October-December 2010

2009: Volume 56 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2009 April to June 2009 July to September 2009 October to December 2009
January-March 2009 April-June 2009 July-September 2009 October-December 2009

2008: Volume 56 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2008 April to June 2008 July to September 2008 October to December 2008
January-March 2008 April-June 2008 July-September 2008 October-December 2008

2007: Volume 56 Nos. 1 - 4

January to March 2007 April to June 2007 July to September 2007 October to December 2007
January-March 2007 April-June 2007 July-September 2007 October-December 2007

2006: Volume 55 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2006 April to June 2006 July to September 2006 October to December 2006
January-March 2006 April-June 2006 July-September 2006 October-December 2006

2005: Volume 55 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2005 April to June 2005 July to September 2005 October to December 2005
January-March 2005 April-June 2005 July-September 2005 October-December 2005

2004: Volume 55 Nos. 1 - 4

January to March 2004 April to June 2004 July to September 2004 October to December 2004
January-March 2004 April-June 2004 July-September 2004 October-December 2004

2003: Volume 54 Nos. 9 - 12

January to March 2003 April to June 2003 July to September 2003 October to December 2003
January-March 2003 April-June 2003 July-September 2003 October-December 2003

2002: Volume 54 Nos. 5 - 8

January to March 2002 April to June 2002 July to September 2002 October to December 2002
January-March 2002 April-June 2002 July-September 2002 October-December 2002

Scripture Truth Magazine

"Scripture Truth" has been published since 1909, when, under the editorship of J T Mawson and H D R Jameson, articles were scrutinised by a committee of responsible men amongst the Brethren: H J Vine, J T Mawson, H P Barker, F B Hole, H R Jameson, Mr Huntley, J Murray, Capt J W Smith, Hamilton Smith, Mr Bell, R Dunn, Robert Whyte and Walter Westcott. Indeed, much of the content of the early issues was written by them. In more recent years the magazine has been edited, solely or as part of an editorial board, by John Blackburn, Theo Balderston, Colin Curry, Bos Menzies Jeffrey Brett and Gordon Hughes.



January 1909 - May 1912 H D R Jameson and J T Mawson
June 1912 - July/August 1943 J T Mawson
September/October 1943 - May/June 1962 F B Hole
July/August 1962 - November/December 1979 J S Blackburn
January/February 1980 - March/April 1984 J S Blackburn and T Balderston
May/June 1984 - May/June 1992 Colin Curry
July/August 1992 - January/February 1993 Colin Curry together with an editorial board of J C Brett, G Hughes, J H B Menzies and R G Spratt
March/April 1993 - September/October 1993 Colin Curry together with an editorial board of J C Brett, G Hughes and J H B Menzies
November/December 1993 - July/September 1996 An editorial board of J C Brett, G Hughes and J H B Menzies
October/December 1996 - October/December 1997 J C Brett and G Hughes
January/March 1998 - October/December 2000 G Hughes assisted by J C Brett
January/March 2001 - October/December 2006 G Hughes
January/March 2007 - date T Balderston

May 1967 issue of Scripture Truth May 1977 issue of Scripture Truth May - June 1987 issue of Scripture Truth April - June 1997 issue of Scripture Truth April - June 2007 issue of Scripture Truth

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